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The city of Cesky Krumlov

Perhaps I shouldn't be posting this. I shouldn't be encouraging another tourists to come to this small town as it's overcrowded already (considering the "before corona times". This is very common and frequent inner fight for the travellers or people who are active on social media in general. Should I tag the location? Do I want to share it or do I want to keep it secret?

The Czech Krumlov (in German Böhmisch Krumau) hasn't been hidden though so my doubts are over. They say it's a second most visited city in Czech Republic. I don't need to feel guilty for exposing this magical place I reckon thus here are a few pictures of "Gate to Sumava*" .

*Böhmerwald - mountain range in south-west of Czechia, northern Austria and south-east Germany (Bavaria).

The advantage of the Corona craziness is you can enjoy wandering around without all the tourists everywhere which can become very refreshing experience. Even though I live only 20 minutes away I haven't been visiting this place I said, too crowded.

It certainly isn't difficult to reach it by car:

Prague-Cesky Krumlov 2h 15m

Brno-Cesky Krumlov 3h

Ceske Budejovice-Cesky Krumlov 20m

Vienna-Cesky Krumlov 3h

Munich-Cesky Krumlov 3h 30m

The city itself has about 13 000 inhabitants and it's of course included on the UNESCO list and it's famous for its fascinating chateau and Egon Schiele art centrum.

Czech people usually visit the Krumlov when canoeing through the city on the Vltava river. Nothing better than looking at the epic scenery from the canoe. I've been doing this since I was a little girl, can't wait for the summer to come!



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