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Czech Grand Canyon, Amerika quarry

So we have got our very own Grand Canyon in Czech Republic..not far from the capital. The Amerika quarry is located in Central Bohemian region, about 40 minutes drive from Prague.

The place itself is pretty impressive. It isn't surprising that film-makers used it for shooting a few Czech movies, it is popular for campers and trippers. I would recommend you to visit the spot during a week day, preferably before lunch time, otherwise it can be crowded. But it is worth it anytime.

Let me highlight you are not allowed to go down and enjoy the crystal clear water for safety reasons. Plus there is a ghost of Hans Hagen, a German soldier who died at the place during the World War II, as they say.

Right next to the Amerika is another astonishing little (well it is pretty big but comparing to the Amerika it is smaller) quarry which I find even more interesting. Not for a pleasant reason though. It is called Mexiko, sometimes also Quarry of Prisoners or Czech Mauthausen.

There were about 2000 political prisoners during the years 1949-1953, labouring in extremely harsh conditions. Most of the prisoners were unwanted members of the society at the time, fighters against the totality..

"Persona non grata of communism"

There is a memorial to all the prisoners, a limestone block with a dreadful symbolism.Once you have a look at the quarry through the cross on it you will see the place as the prisoners did.

Despite the scary history the place is epic. Definitely must-see once you are in Czechia, you should add it to your bucket list.


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