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I've been trying to do something good and  help in different areas in the last few years. Fortunately there're many people around who joined me on my journey (either my friends, family or followers - THANK YOU).


Some of them keep asking me how they could help and what projects am I focusing on at the moment. That's why I've decided to make my effort public, create a transparent bank account and make it as easy as possible for anyone who would like to contribute. 

I use the money to support different charity organizations directly, organizing events with educational character (usually in order to spread veganism or ecological topics), paying for flight tickets in case it's needed to move around the world. To make it clear - I'll not be using the money for living, only for beneficial activities.  You'll always see the transactions and their purpose as all is set transparent. 

See some of the forwarded contributions or finished projects bellow.

Current project

Purchasing 1 hectare of rainforest in Sumatra in order to set it free and give it back to wild animals (more info in blog post).



IBAN:  CZ31 2010 0000 0027 0178 3211


Volunteering in Indonesia, Green Life project

I spent 2 weeks in Sumatra as a volunteer within the Green life project hold by NGO Prales detem. You can ready about it in my blog.

You can support rangers who protect the wild animals from poachers, education of locals and purchase a land to set it free. 

That's what I'm aiming for at the moment. Read here

Volunteering in Indonesia,

Blue Life project

I spent 2 weeks in Sumatra volunteering within the Blue life project (cleaning the beaches from plastics, monitoring the sea turtles,.)

We worked on a short documentary together with @Honzawayc in order to spread  information and find another supporters to finance the rangers, garbage transportation and education of locals. 

Children's home in Borsov nad Vltavou

I handed over a contribution to the director of a local children's home (near to my hometown in South Bohemia).  

NGO Debra

A contribution for NGO Debra which helps children with epidermolysis bullosa (butterfly effect).


Budejce Life fest 2019, eco-vegan festival

We organized first eco friendly festival in my hometown full of workshops, vegan food, zero waste products and presentations (about nutritions, ecology and vegan friendly lifestyle).

It was organized on behalf of an association @spolecnysvetcb which I'm a member and a co-founder. 

Bartender course for Andrea

You can support any child without a family on the website and purchase whatever he/she needs for education or hobby.

Contribution for children with oncological diseases

The NGO Sance onkolackum support children ant their families in Czech Republic​ who are facing difficult situation because of their oncological problem. 

Food and goodies for dog rescue center

All vegan of course :) It was a try and it seems that dogs love it. 

Vegan picnics in the city of Ceske Budejovice

We organize ​monthly vegan picnics in my hometown. It's an event full of delicious food, friendly atmosphere and big amount of information. Also, we always invite special guests who work around ecology or vegan lifestyle in order to promote their restaurants, products, etc. 

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