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My name is Mia.
I'm a Czech girl based in South Bohemia who likes to travel, be creative and have fun, that's it.

I've been modelling many years for different photographers around the world thus I have a lot of experience whether posing in front of the camera or organising tours and events.

I speak Czech, English and Italian.


If you would like to arrange a shoot together feel free to send me your portfolio and idea.
I always kindly ask you for references thus be ready to provide them, please. 




I usually plan my travels many months in advance considering schedules of the photographers, studios, locations, etc.

I hope you understand it takes plenty of time and effort to arrange all of this in the way all the sides are happy and able to manage. 


I do rely on people I work with and for that reason I ask you for the following fees in case of cancellation:

  • 25% in case of cancellation 7-10 days before our shoot

  • 50% in case of cancellation 3-7 days before our shoot

  • 100% in case of cancellation up to 2 days before our shoot


I have a tattoo on my back. It can be completely covered with help of my hair if needed. 
NEW: I have a small and simple tattoo ring on my left hand.

I've been a member of Suicide girls crew since 2015. 

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Besides of working around photography I also run a NGO Spolecny svet in the city of Ceske Budejovice. 
We organise events, presentations, conventions, etc. on behalf of animal rights and spreading veganism.
I like to share information and inspire.

If you are into plant based food and you are about to travel to South Bohemia you can check my vegan guide project on Instagram:




If you wish to support me, my activities or you are looking for an inspiration who else to support go ahead and check

the “Help with me“ page. 

You can always join my Patreon profile where

I share backstage pictures from my travels and photo sessions.


Thank you
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