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Hello everyone,

I am Mia, a Czech girl based in South Bohemia who likes to travel, be creative and have fun, that's it.


Besides of working around photography I also co-organise events, presentations, conventions, etc..(mostly) in my hometown on behalf of animal rights and spreading veganism. I like to share information and inspire.

You can check my project www.veganvcb.cz together with very local IG profile@vegan_ceske_budejovice

Please notice: I’ve got a tattoo on my back. It can be completely covered by my hair if needed. Also, I’ve been a part of Suicide Girls crew since 2015.

 I speak Czech, English and Italian.


Go ahead and check my travel schedule to see if you can catch me around your area and if not do not hesitate to keep in touch. I will see what I can do to fit you into my agenda.

Here is how my future and potential plans look like. For confirmed trips with exact dates go check the calendar page.

January          February         March       April

Germany tour    Sumatra          Switzerland   Israel    


                                             Vienna, AU

Belgium                                                      Italy

May                June              July         August

Netherlands    Switzerland         England

Albania.                                   Norway

September      October        November    December

St. Petersburg                                           Viet Nam

Finland                                                    Myanmar


If you would like to arrange a shoot together feel free to send me your portfolio and idea. I'll always kindly ask you for references thus be ready to provide them, please.  

I'm more than happy to help you promote vegan, eco and zero waste projects or products. My requirements for cooperation are simple but strict - 100% cruelty free!

Get in touch ;)

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