• I worked with many photographers, artists and productions around the world in last few years. I've been part of different projects as calendars, books, printed or online magazines, websites, etc. I also have great experience in posing at workshops.

    You can check some publications or commercial projects I was part of in the gallery bellow or in video section HERE

    Photographers, productions, magazines,...I worked for:

    (I put here just few latest names + my favourites ..If there is any project you like and I was involved let me know if it' s missing here..it would be really helpful, thank you in advance :)

    HBBody calendar 2017 

    Schrack calendar 2016  

    Agrio calendar 2016                                                                   

    Pivovar Ferdinand CZ                                                                        

    Zrzavy kalendar 2016 (Ginger calendar 2016)

    Inked girls magazine US

    Extremo magazine US

    Maxim magazine CZ

    Toilet Paper magazine ( Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari)

    Mayfair magazine

    Battle Fuse 

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