Calendar 2019



I’ve decided to create all the pictures around my surroundings this time.
Bohemian architecture, Bohemian spirit🙂

I spent quite a while deciding what location would be the best for this year’s calendar. I was wondering where I feel cozy but not bored at the same time, where I go during my free time, where I feel excited, relaxed,…happy.
I’ve realized I don’t need to fly thousand miles away. I live in a pretty little BOHEMIAN town which is photogenic enough. You are about to see 13 photos taken around my homeland, a town of České Budejovice.

My message here is – we all should try to appreciate our surroundings…It seems like some people have to escape far far away hoping it makes them happier for a minute. I’m not saying we should stop travelling. I just want you to slow down next time you pass across your doorstep and have a look around… isn’t it beautiful?


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