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Making a calendar is always one big decision. It takes time, money, energy and you need to think in advance and decide if all your effort is worth it. There is always a chance people won’t appreciate it.  

As you might already know I create my own calendar every year since 2016. That means calendar 2018 is a third one in a row. Were the first two worth it? Yes.

I could have relaxed, used my experience and gone for another edition without any struggling.  That would of course be no fun so I decided to go for a bigger challenge. How about calendar with all the pictures taken by an analog camera. No photoshop, no postproduction, no chance to see how the pics look like during the shoot..Would it be worth it? No idea. Would  it be a big challenge? Yes. Would it be fun? Hell yeah.

I was lucky enough to have Canon AE-1 around together with my favourite photographer Jan Bily (@purejoylab). Every time we travelled together we took this old-fashioned equipment with us and played. The initial goal was to create 13 pictures, each one taken at different location.

 As I said, we knew this journey will be fun…that’s what I said to myself when we discovered that the goal is not going to happen. We found out (quite soon) not all the pictures can be developed successfully. Sometimes the film itself is damaged, sometimes it is myself who manages the damages, sometimes  the developing process can be the reason, … We couldn’t use one picture from some trips. I guess that’s the spirit of analog photography. That’s how I learned to appreciate it so much.

The saddest discovery came after we checked the photos from our trip to Tragoß, Austria. I guess the temperature -20C is not the best fella with film rolls. Even though we couldn’t use any photo for the calendar I believe this journey and the pictures deserve a separate article. Coming soon.

Anyway we successfully managed to gather pictures from 5 countries. Today I want to show you some photos we took during our trip to Nantes, France.  

Nantes is a picturesque city on the Loire River in western France. It was my very first time in this beautiful town. I didn’t have much time for usual pre-searching suitable locations so I was a bit worried where we are going to shoot. Turns out the old town itself is so nice that a simple walk around will do the trick. The only thing we had to consider was a timing as usual. The city is crowded during the day thus we spent all mornings wandering around and trying to catch the shot.

You can find three pictures  from this trip in the calendar. One as a cover, one on the back side and one inside. It was quite difficult to choose as I really like the pictures from ‘Galeries Lafayette’ where we took quite many of them. In the end I somehow managed to choose one but if I could I would have chosen at least two from the series. The picture I like the most though is the one with a castle behind (Château des ducs de Bretagne). It has the privilege to become a cover picture. It happened to be the most difficult moment to catch as the water fountains are of course main entertainment for children around. 

Well we were not complaining to wander around lovely Nantes a bit more while waiting : )

I’m happy to finally share some of the pictures we took. Some are well developed, some are not, some are just snapshots from our journey. All taken by analog camera, enjoy the spirit as much as I do.