I’m not a big fan of fashion but when I need/want something I like to support individuals or small companies (Czech ones if possible) which care about environment.

Guys from GadoGado have been working on a collection made completely from recycled materials..can’t wait 😉



My favourite coconut bowls made from recycled coconut shells. Thanks Martina and Jaro❤️

Check them out:



Promo content for Water-to-Go created in Phu Quoc Island, Viet Nam and in Cambodia. 

Promo video for Sen Viet Hotel Resort in Phu Quoc Island, Viet Nam. 

As soon as we saw the Bao Quoc Temple in Hue (Viet Nam), we knew we have to capture it on the camera. The fact there were no people around was very surprising and helpful as most of the monuments in Hue are too crowded for shooting a video. Well, we are happy we made it and created the best souvenir we could possibly get. 

I think this is actually my favourite video from all the pieces I’ve been part of.

We created this content just because we had the equipment with us..The super hot weather and a lot of tourists around made it difficult and challenging but it was fun.